Smashburgers with Smoky Sauce

Two ground beef burgers smashed into thin patties and cooked until the edges are crisp and the center is juicy, topped with melted cheese and served on toasted brioche buns with fried onions, crisp bacon and a smoky special sauce.

Ingredients: – ground beef – brioche burger buns – cheddar cheese – pepper jack cheese – bacon – onions – salt and pepper – mayonnaise – barbecue sauce – liquid smoke – desired oil for cooking

The Steps

Step 1: Turn the griddle up to medium heat.  Slice the onions.  Coat griddle with oil where you will be cooking your onions.  Add sliced onions and bacon to the griddle.  Cook bacon until crisp but not overdone. Cooked onions until they are soft with a little char.

Step 2: Coat griddle with oil where you will cook the burgers.  Form the ground beef into loose balls leaving some air pockets.  Place each ball on the griddle and press down with the burger press.  You want your burger to be between a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch in thickness.  Once the bottom starts to crisp around the edges, flip and apply cheese.  Apply cheddar cheese on half of the burgers and pepper jack on the other half.

Step 3: Spread mayonnaise on both sides of the brioche bun and place on the griddle.  Remove the burgers once completed. Place one pepper jack burger on top of one cheddar cheese burger.  Remove all food from the griddle.

Step 4: Mix together mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and liquid smoke.  Spread campfire sauce on both halves of the brioche bun.  Place the double smash burger on the bottom bun and top with bacon and onions.  Top with the top bun and serve immediately.

Hint: place a small sheet of parchment paper between the burger press and the burger patty when pressing down on the smashburger. This will keep the burger meat from sticking to the burger press.

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