Grilled Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Hot dogs wrapped in a piece of crispy bacon, grilled and served on hot dog buns.  This recipe takes your summer hot dog recipe to the next level, especially when topped with your favorite toppings.

Ingredients:  – hot dogs – bacon – brioche hot dog bun – toppings of choice

The Steps

Step 1: Heat the grill up to medium heat.  Chop and prep desired toppings.

Step 2: Wrap a piece of bacon around a hot dog and insert a toothpick at either end of the bacon to secure the bacon to the hot dog.

Step 3: Place the bacon wrapped hot dogs either directly on the grill grates or on a removable grill screen.  Cook until the bacon is cooked evenly all around.  Flip the hot dogs every couple minutes to assure an even cook. Toothpicks can be removed about halfway through cooking.

Step 4: Place the hot dogs in a brioche hot dog bun.  Add desired toppings. Serve immediately.

Hint: use a disposable to reusable wire rack on the grill to avoid the bacon from cooking too quickly and burning.

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